Project to test food delivery through drone launched in Islamabad

اسلام آباد میں ڈرون کے ذریعے خوراک کی ترسیل کے ٹیسٹ کے منصوبے کا آغاز

ISLAMABAD: A customised drone was used on Friday to test food delivery by Pakistan’s leading food delivery company.

This picture shows the customised drone during a test flight in Islamabad. — Screengrab via Hamza Shafqaat Twitter

The test flight of the drone conducted in association with the office of the deputy commissioner Islamabad — named ‘Pandafly’ — took place in the F-9 Park.

The use of disruptive technology by Foodpanda means faster deliveries over longer distances.

Customers living in peri-urban and remote areas will especially benefit from this initiative as they have limited food delivery options in their local area so with drone delivery they will be able to order food from main urban centres as well.

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