Grading – January 2022 – Kokoro Karate Dojo

Grading – January 2022

The first set of eager and willing students to grade in 2022 all demonstrated very high levels of effort, skill and resilience. They practiced hard and focused well during their Traditional Shotokan Karate kyu level tests.

Congratulations to you all, now it’s straight onto your next level with more new skills, kata and kumite techniques to learn.

From 10th kyu (white belt) to 9th kyu (orange belt)

  • Cody Teasdale-Simons
  • Kiefer Teasdale
  • Justin Teasdale

From 9th kyu (orange belt) to 8th kyu (red belt)

  • Phil Silvester
  • Sebastian Silvester
  • Gabriel Gilbertson-Hart
  • William White
  • Benjamin Pilling

From 4th kyu (purple and white belt) to 3rd kyu (brown belt)

Domo arigato gozaimasu
Thank you very much

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