Top 10 U.S. Newspapers by Circulation

This article highlights the leading newspapers in the United States based on circulation figures. Providing insights into the readership and influence of each publication, the list features renowned names such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times. Readers will gain a comprehensive overview of the media landscape and the broad reach of these influential newspapers, each contributing significantly to the nation’s news coverage and shaping public discourse.

U.S. Newspapers by Circulation

The following is a list of the 10 largest daily US newspapers by circulation.

  1. The Wall Street Journal:
    • The Wall Street Journal, often referred to as WSJ, is a globally recognized and influential newspaper known for its in-depth coverage of business, finance, and economic news. Published in broadsheet format, it offers comprehensive analysis, market insights, and reporting on international affairs. With a reputation for journalistic excellence, The Wall Street Journal is a go-to source for executives, investors, and those interested in the intersection of global business and economics.
  2. USA Today:
    • USA Today is a national newspaper celebrated for its accessible and concise reporting across a wide spectrum of topics. Covering national and international news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, USA Today has a broad readership. Its visually engaging format, along with its online presence, makes it a popular choice for readers seeking a snapshot of the day’s most important stories.
  3. The New York Times:
    • The New York Times, often referred to as the “Gray Lady,” stands as one of the most prestigious and influential newspapers globally. Renowned for its in-depth journalism, The New York Times covers a vast array of subjects, including national and international news, politics, culture, science, and technology. Its digital platform offers multimedia storytelling and a variety of perspectives on critical issues shaping the world.
  4. Los Angeles Times:
    • The Los Angeles Times is a prominent newspaper serving Southern California and beyond. Known for its comprehensive coverage of local and national news, politics, entertainment, and cultural events, the LA Times has been a significant voice on the West Coast. With a commitment to investigative journalism, it provides in-depth insights into issues affecting the diverse communities it serves.
  5. The Washington Post:
    • The Washington Post is a venerable newspaper with a rich history of political reporting and analysis. Based in the nation’s capital, it is a leading source for news on U.S. politics, policy, and international affairs. The Washington Post is known for its investigative journalism and thoughtful commentary, making it a crucial resource for those seeking a deep understanding of political developments.
  6. Chicago Tribune:
    • The Chicago Tribune, a major newspaper in the Midwest, has been a key player in journalism for over a century. Covering a wide range of topics, including local news, politics, and culture, the Tribune has been a vital source of information for the residents of Chicago and the surrounding areas. Its investigative reporting and editorial content contribute to its significance in the media landscape.
  7. Newsday:
    • Newsday is a leading newspaper serving Long Island, New York. With a focus on local news, sports, and community events, Newsday has been a trusted source of information for residents of the region. Its comprehensive coverage extends to national and international news, making it a well-rounded news outlet for a diverse and engaged readership.
  8. New York Daily News:
    • The New York Daily News, a tabloid-style newspaper, is a vibrant and dynamic source of news, politics, and entertainment in the New York City area. Known for its bold headlines and accessible reporting, the Daily News has a long history of providing a snapshot of the day’s top stories while reflecting the energy and diversity of the city it serves.
  9. San Francisco Chronicle:
    • The San Francisco Chronicle is the main newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering comprehensive coverage of regional, national, and international news. With a focus on in-depth reporting and cultural coverage, the Chronicle plays a crucial role in reflecting the unique dynamics of the Bay Area and contributing to the broader conversation on important issues.
  10. Houston Chronicle:
    • The Houston Chronicle is a major newspaper serving the vibrant and diverse community of Houston, Texas. Covering a wide range of topics, including local news, politics, business, and culture, the Chronicle is a key source of information for residents of the Houston metropolitan area. Its reporting reflects the energy and growth of one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic cities.

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